Let's clean this air

Let's clean this air

Immediate action to tackle air quality - less talk and more remedies: Let's clean this air!

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Everyone is demanding bold action - Here is the bold action you requested



This is a very important message, please read on

The air pollution is becoming more of a global challenge than it has ever been, and it is worsening year after year without enough people working on the solution.

It has been found in scientific studies lots people are dying every year almost two years earlier than they should because of the air pollution. I think it’s time we stop ignoring the elephant in the room and really do something about it. Don’t you think so?

After the Paris agreement this last week, it seems we're going to see some bolder actions coming from our governments. However, these actions won’t probably be fast enough. This is a global health issue affecting us all.  

And we need not to delay our actions any longer.

Pollution travels the globe. Pollution from London, Paris, Beijing, whatever city you can think of, goes to every place on the planet. (More about this here). As a consequence, we’re all affected.

So, take London as an example. Below are the annual numbers and how much this air pollution is costing us all: 

(Source: london.gov.uk)

The image is breath-taking and not in the good sense.

Because that’s London alone. In the whole United Kingdom, we have about 40.000 dying earlier. In America, we're talking about 200,000 people per year. And the global numbers are terrifying.

It has been estimated this air problem is costing the governments of the world an estimate of 2.6 trillion a year. But the trillions are not important. What's important is the lives of so many people who could be still with us today and they are not.

Brilliant people, fathers and mothers, grandpas and grandmas. Lots of beloved and cherished people. And this is going to happen to our families and friends. Not just to strangers. Because we’re all affected – we don’t have to die early, even though we might, but we can have breathing problems, mutations in our cells, etc. And this list goes on and on.

Even our Mayor publicly said: ‘the air of London is a killer’  (video)


Coming back to the numbers…with just the 3.7 billion from London we could build:

  • 370  replacement schools ( ~ £10M per school  )
  • Feed 207.865.168 people per year. (Avg cost of feeding someone a day ~ £17.80  || even though this article says we can survive with as little as £12 per day. ) Which means, we could feed the whole UK population for 3.2 years in a row – and we can all be eating for free.
  • Build ~41 hospitals in UK rural areas. (~ £90 million per hospital)
  • Create many social programs and whole lot more things.

It’s not for the numbers. It’s for us all. Because numbers, tell us a million deaths is just a statistic, what they fail to explain is how each and every single death is a tragedy. And we're all contributing to this tragedy.

“Children’s lung development is affected by air pollution: they have smaller lungs for life,” she says. “The government’s new plan says pollution will not fall to legal levels till 2025. But I don’t have time to wait: Zain will be 18 by then. They are condemning a generation of children to ill-health.” – The Guardian


This is a taste of what this year has been like in the city of London:  
(Source: Twitter)


That same week the Air quality index showed these statistics: 

(Source: AQICN)


 And these numbers and consequences and early deaths and all those bad things apply to many other cities – and they’re are not going to disappear.

The global picture doesn’t look any better. It's bad, and so big, that we don't want to be responsible for it. But it's our duty to be because we have polluted this air

The map of deaths caused by air pollution is…well, it speaks for itself: 


(Source: wikipedia)

And we are the ones to blame. But I'm not leaving you without anything to do and just condemning the human race. No. Because we are good. If there is any way to make things happen and to correct our errors, we do our best to do it.

And cleaning the air is the right thing to do. And this is the way to do it.

Also, we must contribute to clean our CO2 footprint - which is one of the dirtiest in Europe.




This actively filtering system filters big masses of air. We have about 17,205 km3 of air above London (from London to the stratosphere). All this air needs to be cleaned immediately – especially the first 100 - 200 meters from the ground up, which is 173.78 – 347.58 km3 of air, or 41.69 -83.38 cubic miles.

Just for you to have reference 1 km3 = 1,000,000,000 m3.

And 1 cubic mile = 916,900,000,000 gallons 


The most important though, are the 100-200 meters from the ground up becauseThat’s because we have an effect caused by our buildings that prevent air from circulating freely, and pollutants get stuck in the gap between buildings.

That means this air is way more polluted than the air above it.

And as the councils are ready to act – they are only ready to act on proven technology. Earlier this year in this article, there is a very interesting statement:

“It’s time for London to clean up its air. Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he’ll double funding; spending £875 million over five years to combat the issue. Rather than sit back and hope that the money is well spent, we should all demand it.”

So, what's required now is the technology to do it.

I know this technology is able to do it, I’m sure it works - now it's time to refine it even further and build on top a more robust solution able to handle the required air load to be able to clean these 173.78 – 347.58 km.

And before it's able to receive funding from our government, it needs further testing and development. Because the government and councils need further demonstrations and reassurance before they will release the funds.

And here is where I need your help because my paycheck makes it move really slow...while people are dying.





I'm not one of the many who talks and tries to get the government to do the job. I just bull forward and do it. And that's the unique way we are going to get results. We should take responsibility and not delegate all of it to the governments. Of course, there is a big part the governments must do - but they need solutions yet to be created. And this is one.

But I really need your help here, my own salary alone is not going to make a big difference and hunting for more money will only delay me even more. 

You're not donating money to some stranger, this is me 


 (In the workshop - was so serious because I was making this piece)


I'm the guy in the picture and I have the workshop in Hayes & Harlington. Specifically in the shipping building. That's where I'm developing this technology.

My phone number is: 07469167895

My email is: isaac@isaacramonet.com

You can reach me on any of the above.


You're donating your money to a cause, for a mission, not to me.




Numbers have been simplified and rounded for easiness. Some have been estimated on top of price per hour, price per kg of material, price per unit (with discounts) and so on.


Est. cost

1.    Payment gateway, Crowdfunder fees, backer rewards

£ 25,000

2.    Hire two hardware engineers - £30.000 per annum // that’s way below market rate and I don’t know if it would be possible. Will see.

£ 60,000

3.    Hire an electrical engineer  // also way below market rate.

£ 30,000

4.    Hire interns and pay for their food and transportation


5.    Materials, including the materials for production.

£ 60,000

6.    Set up the foundation

£ 2,000

7.    Fit the machinery in high streets + near schools

Includes government demonstrations + manufacturing small quantities + cost of installation.

£ 34,000.00

8.    Emplace the machinery and filtering systems near schools and most polluted places

£ 8,000.00

9.    Quantify results, analyze data and investigate further

£ 6,000.00












List of frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)


Why should you back me? Because I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it happen, no matter what. Period. I have come a long way, and I’m not going to stop. This is my mission.

Is it even possible to do it? I know it can be done, what I don’t know exactly is the how. This technology is the first step of many - and it's going to get better and better and more efficient over time. Also, I don't know exactly how much time it’s going to take. But starting today we can make a big difference on where we are going to be by the end of this year. And even more difference where we are going to be a year from now, two years from now, and so on.

What are you going to do with the 250,000? Here is an overview of the roadmap.



1.    Receive the funds, prepare and ship the rewards.

2.    Hire two hardware engineers one with aeronautics experience and one with filtration material experience. (If anyone wants to apply, can do so through Angelist - I will share the link with you shortly).


3.    Buy the materials I need to buy straight away. 


4.    Set up the foundation - I have got the company already set up. 


5.    Start working together. 


6.    Hire an electrical engineer with experience in air sensors and filtering systems. (Same, if anyone wants to apply, can do so through Angelist - I will share the link with you shortly) 


7.    Produce the first results. (1.5 - 3.5 Months)


8.    Emplace the machinery and filtering systems near schools and most polluted places

9.    Get the government excited about it and secure more funding and legal agreements to emplace this machinery inside the cities. 

10.         Keep producing more and more! - And first results.




















Will the 250,000 be enough for you to make? It depends. It’s enough for the experiments and test and get some agreements - however, to start building and emplacing machinery and making more and improving, we will need much more. And I'm not talking about just money. We will need contacts, experience, people to make it happen and continuous support. Whatever you can do - please, do it.  


How much will be needed to make it happen faster? 2-5M. More hiring is involved, attract more talent (pay better salaries, just slightly below market rate), bigger and more expensive materials, better equipment and installations, etc. However, it’s more important to have an ongoing funding than a big amount right here and now. That’s why I’m going to set up a fund where you can donate every month and you’ll get tax relief.

I will keep you updated if you’re on our public release list which you totally should because we write useful information about it, news, ways to prevent contamination indoors and outdoors, etc.  Also, for anyone who has backed this venture - I have an open-door policy for you. If you want to come by the lab and see what we’re doing and how’s going on. Please send me a line and we can arrange a visit (bear in mind I’m in a co-working space and having too many people at once can be disruptive for them).



List of benefits

Less pollution = Better air quality

Less earlier deaths

Fewer health issues – especially for our youngsters

More money for the cities to be employed in other health and social causes. Or in the creation of wealth.

Air quality has been linked to many illnesses as well as poor concentration and memory.

You will not have to change everything in your house depending on diesel, gas or other energies that pollute our environment – or if you’re company, you will not have to invest in new machinery while the units are perfectly functional.

Ability to keep driving your diesel car (or your sports car for many years to come).

By funding this mission you’re giving employment to people as well. And I plan to employ much more.

By funding this mission you’re giving the opportunity for two students to become interns in the company and have a unique learning experience.

Just remember…

… we eat about 1kg of food per day.

… we drink 1 liter of water per day.

and we breathe 15kg of air per day.


Final words

As human beings, we will keep polluting our environments and that’s not bad, that’s how we are - we just need to take care of cleaning up after ourselves and don’t let things get too messy. I like to drive and you probably like it too.  Isn’t that common sense?

I truly believe Britain - and this world - do deserve better. Help me in this mission and help this mission succeed!



To keep you in the loop

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IMPORTANT: If you’ve contributed, please, signup in this email list - I will be checking every name so I can send you something (or if you’re in the wall, link your name to your email or web page) + I will be keeping you updated.



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Big thanks to everyone who has already contributed in some way, partners and the emplacement Central Research Laboratory (in Hayes&Harlington)