Leo's Secret

A Publishing project London, United Kingdom

Leo's Secret

A book about the alien who accidentally created humanity after spilling tea all over his science project, and the earth girl who saved him.

 This is the first book in a series of four, but they can all be read as separate stories. I have had the idea and the characters since I was twelve years old, but have only started writing them down recently because I wanted to grow up enough to do my characters justice when writing them into my stories. I am now twenty eight and more than ready to get them all down on paper! 


Imagine the oldest planet in the universe, inhabited by two intelligent species living side by side in...somewhat harmony. The Aro build worlds, create intelligent life, and spread them across the universe. All in a very controlled environment and under strict laws. The Angels live on the rooftops and mostly read poetry and tell dirty jokes, being so old that they stopped taking life seriously a long time ago.

Leo is a young Aro who on the eve before his final examination to become a world creator trainee, accidentally spills tea on his final project, unwittingly creating a new species, one that cannot be contained or controlled, thereby breaking the most important law of them all. Scared to face the consequences of his actions, he hides the world somewhere far away from all other intelligent life and runs away to live with the species he created, making sure that they stay far away from discovery.

They call themselves humans, and Leo does not like them very much.

So many years later that there is no point in counting them, a young woman in London saves the life of a strange man in a dark alley, unwittingly changing the course of her own life. Simultaneously, on the other side of the city, a young man with the mysterious ability to travel between worlds, makes the huge mistake of bringing someone back to earth with him.

Things are about to get very strange indeed.