I'm taking a Gecko show to The Fringe & need a new batch of stock to help me survive!

I'm taking a Gecko show to the Edinburgh Fringe this year!

Since visiting the Fringe last summer as a punter it has been something that I know I just need to do!

I'm very excited, but financially could do with a little Gecko fan help. It's an expensive business taking a show up to Edinburgh, costs of accomodation, being included in the program, poster & flyer printing etc. can all stack up.

I've had this beautiful T-shirt design made (by the brilliant Rob Russell), it would be great  if you could pre-order some of them so I can get a nice batch made to sell at the Fringe, that would be delightful. Plus you get to sport a brand new lovely T-shirt!

There's also some other rewards on offer including a personal song & a house concert. These went down really well on the Get up EP pledgemusic campaign so get involved.

I really appreciate your help!

Much love,