LEND to a future NHS dr that Student Finance won't

LEND to a future NHS dr that Student Finance won't

Got a place at a Uni of London Med. School abroad (costlier) but Student Finance doesn't loan for it, & yet I will graduate into an NHS dr!

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By lending to this student, you will have invested in another doctor for the NHS and made a dream come true! AND THEN GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

The life of a student trying to embark on a journey into medicine is a long and demanding one.  Multiple failed attempts before getting accepted onto a course are commonplace.  It is especially difficult to get into a UK school, however, if a UK student does manage to get into medicine outside the UK they have no entitlement to funding from Student Finance England, and there are no other suitable student loan providers, to cover the costs of tuition fees or living.  Every unsuccessful application here means another year of waiting to try again, and possibly fail again.  So for a student to pursue such a career, it must be their dream and passion, and they will do anything to achieve this, including studying abroad, leaving friends, families and partners for at least 4 years.

Worse still, some UK medicals school have branched out to teach their course in other countries, meaning that despite studying outside of the UK, students will receive a University of London degree, and after graduation will be placed (alongside the funded students studying in the London branch) into their training years jobs in our NHS, yet they will not get any student loans for tuition fees or maintenance, despite the fees being even higher abroad!  As with the very small number of places for the number of applications at UK med-schools, there is the shortage of doctors, hospital beds and NHS resources.  It is ironic that the government does not invest in the more doctors the NHS desperately needs.  This is your health service.  Your lives depend on it.  Please help support another doctor to be able to support you and your loved ones.  

Sometimes God allows people to experience hardships so that problems that need resolving are highlighted.  When I become a doctor, I intend to set up support for future NHS doctors studying abroad.  I am already helping other prospective students to get into medical school, and am tutoring GCSE students, as I feel strongly about helping others along my way and passing on what my experience teaches me.  I only hope I will receive the help I need too.  

This crowd funding page has been set up to help one UK national studying in Cyprus in at the University of Nicosia, where they will obtain a St Georges University of London MBBS Medicine degree qualification. Completing this course means I will be placed into my first job in the UK on graduating, so, you know when you will be good for the money but you just need a break to get you to that point!?!  I am prepared to pay the sponsors back after I start earning in 2021!  The tuition fees alone are €108,000 for the 4-year course, and I still need to find £75,000 for fees, accommodation, travel, insurance, food, etc.  

If you have any money to put away that you don't want to spend for a few years, please invest in the future of the NHS and help put a student through medical school.  You will have helped a person achieve their dream career, another doctor into the NHS, and will get your money back after!  

Please message me any questions you might have!