To assist the socially excluded, by offering them an alternative way of banking, whilst helping them stay in control of their finances.

Legesi CIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company with the primary aim of making a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable individuals within the UK who are experiencing social and educational exclusion. Our mission is to help socially excluded individuals and families to obtain financual services.

We aim to utilise a Prepaid MasterCard Scheme to help those who are experiencing hardship, unable to open bank accounts or even shop online. The government is in the process of issuing letters to those in recipt of benefits advising them to open bank accounts for their benefit payments to be paid into, the contract the government have with the Post Office is due to end in 2021 and they now require everyone claiming benefits to open a bank account, however, many of these people will not able to comply with this, (2.3 million use a post office account), so those claiming benefit payments or on a low income can utilise the Legesi Card for this very purpose. 

Many people who are in receipt of benefit payments do not have access to a bank account, the Legesi Card will offer those individuals the chance to open an account, whilst giving them the opportunity to save money  by using their Legesi Cards for online shopping. The cards would be beneficial to busy mums, carers, and those with disabilities.

We would like to raise the funds to help towards paying for 2 employees, the set up of the card Platform, the branding and the supply of the first 10,000 cards, which we will be given out free to the members within 2 communities, Farley Hill and Marsh Farm, both whom are in the top 10% of the most deprived communities within the UK. If successful in Luton we plan to open the scheme across the UK including Northern Ireland.

A Legesi Prepaid card will look like a credit or debit card, with a card number, a chip & pin and a signature strip. But unlike credit and debit cards, a Legesi Card will not provide a source of credit. A Legesi Card will have some of the same great benefits other cards have, such as faster payments in/out of your account and cashback, whilst helping you stay in complete control of your finances. 

No credit checks are necessary with a 100% guarantee of acceptance.

You will be able to use the Legesi Card at over 35 million locations and withdraw cash from over 1.9 million cash machines worldwide – wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance mark.       

Have wages, benefits or pensions paid directly onto the Legesi Card account, this can  be done by contacting your employer or payment issuer and providing them with your Legesi Card account details.

Like credit or debit cards, the Legesi card could be used to buy goods and services. 

Fees and charges may be applied to the cards when you pay into your account, or on the purchases you make with your card and on ATM withdrawals, Legesi CIC aims to keep these charges minimal and due to Legesi CIC's social aims we will not be compromised by the need to make a profit.   All Support Greatly Appreciated