GB Olympians aim to raise £1m for good causes by Tokyo 2020, (£407K so far) funds will provide free experience day places for good causes.

We did it!

On 12th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £300 with 7 supporters in 35 days


BACKGROUND: Legacy 300 was established in 2012, to generate funds for good causes (£407K so far) and GB Olympians (£102K so far). The Olympians host well received, unique, VIP experiences in Track Cycling, Rowing and White Water Rafting, see www.legacy300.com.


From the beginning, good causes have been invited to auction off places on these days, we do charge an entry fee for these experiences and this does pay for one full time member of staff, venues, equipment, event staff, funds participating athletes’ careers and the other components that help make these days special for the participants. Crucially, good causes only buy a place once they have sold it and have sold it at a profit.

During 353 separate auctions, this entry has been multiplied many times over, we have raised £407K net for good causes.  Yet, because we need to charge an entry feearound 90% of good causes want these places donated. My word, you don’t know how frustrating that is. 

This is where we need your help. 

  • If you are planning to give to charity this month, please take on board how the GB Athletes can make your donation go a whole lot further.
  • If you just think that this is a cool project to support then helping Legacy 300 will generate a great return for good causes.

Most good causes tend to have 'auction' events during the spring, summer and autumn of 2018.

DONATIONS, DONATIONS, DONATIONS: Both the problem and solution.

  • If you give a good cause  £150 they receive £150,
  • If we collectively crowdfund a place on a GB Athlete experience day the good cause will multiply that £150 at auction (we have 353 separate examples of this.)
  • We cannot guarantee the actual amount as every auction is different the good cause will receive 100% of the sum raised at auction.
  • On average good causes have made £2.76 on every £1 spent on an experience day entry fee.
  • Adding together each donation will mean your £5+ generating a far greater sum for good causes.

Donating free places to good causes will remove the daily log jam stopping this project reaching its £1m target.


  • When making a donation please state on the pinned post on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/legacy300 which good cause you want the Experience Day presented to.
  • In January 2018 we will have a final total raised and the places will be allocated accordingly,
  • For every £150 received in donations for specific good causes we will donate a  WWR or Rowing day place to that good cause to auction off in 2018.
  • From all the other donations we will generate a draw every £150  received in donations .
  • We will draw out a name from the donors who have got us to that figure and their good cause will be donated a place on a WWR or Rowing day.
  • Buying a sport specific  experience day place through this appeal, will generate a separate fund to fund equivalent days in that sport.
  • Once a place is funded, we do a draw to target the donated place. (Surplus into the above general crowd fund).
  • We will give you updates on Twitter @BritishAthletes and www.facebook.com/legacy300 as to how your donation has gone though we will also ask the good cause to inform you as well.
  • Any partial amounts left over, will subsidise a place, again we will draw for the recipient.


  • £5-£25 donations to help crowdfund places for good causes
  • Buy an experience day at retail prices, to give as a gift and help crowdfund places for good causes.
  • Spread the word to those you know are into these sports or are supporters of your chosen good cause.
  • You can also donate multiple places directly to your chosen good causes for them to auction off in your name. Please contact Legacy 300 separately to arrange this


  • From exclusive discounts on future purchases, video messages from the GB Athletes, social media shout outs and the chance to win an ultimate pass to 2018’s Experiences, we are hopefully showing that we appreciate this support.

Many thanks for your time

Many thanks 

David Cotton


And the Olympic athletes who have helped raised £407K for good causes since 2012 in order of appearance;

Steve Rowbotham, Bill Lucas, Tom Solesbury, Rebecca Romero, Natasha Page, Zara Dampney, Shauna Mullin, Dani King, Alan Campbell, Tim Baillie, Andy Triggs Hodge, Alex Gregory, Steven Burke, Philip Hindes, Matt Langridge, Jess Eddie, Poly Swann, James Foad, Sam Townsend, Matt Gotrell and the dozens who are standing by to deliver future events.

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