Leeds Night Owls Kick Starter

Leeds Night Owls - Improving the safety and wellbeing of students on Nights Out.

Night Owls is a new student service coming to Leeds. The project is run entierly by student volunteers. The aim of the project is to improve student’s safety and well-being on nights out. The Owls will assist students in a variety of ways such as helping students get home safely by walking them or riding with them in taxis. Owls will also provide minor first aid and helpful supplies such as water, phone chargers condoms and information.
Another goal of Leeds Night Owls is to improve the relationship between the University and the city, for example we will be picking up litter during out shift. Hazardous items such as broken glass and cans will be removed from the city along with other student litter such as fast food wrappers.
All our volunteers will be trained in a variety of skills such as Self-Defence, Risk Assessment and First Aid. We aim to train our first bunch of volunteers on October 16th 2016.
Please help us kickstart this project by donating to our fundraiser. Your money will go towards training volunteers and buying eqipement such as uniforms and first aid supplies. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved of have any questions for us. 
Thank you for all your support - You are a HOOT!