LED Lighting for Hinckley Academy

The project will install LED lighting at Hinckley Academy specifically for the swimming pool, the sports hall and the astro-turf pitches.

We're raising funds for new LED lighting for Hinckley Academy. (Formerly kmow as John Cleveland College)

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Our Project:

Specifically we are raising funds for the LED lighting for the community sports facilities, which include the sports hall, swimming pool, and the outside astro-turf pitches. 

These sports facilities are used by nearly 3000 local people, helping them to keep active. 

The Academy estimates that it spends £6,000 per annum lighting these facilities, and by replacing the existing equipment with modern LED lamps they will halve this bill, saving approx £3,000 per annum.

In addition the Carbon Footprint of the school will be reduced by 16 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Halving the electricity bill for the sports facilities will allow;

  • The school to keep their charges for the facilities low - encouraging wider participation / use of the facilites by differnt community groups.
  • Maintainance of the facilities to their current high standard.
  • A reduction of their Carbon Footprint by 16 tonnes per annum
  • Re-investment of any surplus back into teaching. 
  • A reduction in future maintenance costs as the LED lamps have a much longer life expectancy.


Our Organisation:

Our organisation, John Cleveland College Community Woodheat Co-operative has worked with Hinckly Academy since 2013. 

In that time we have successfully installed an 800kW biomass boiler, 500kW gas boiler and 50kW array of PV solar modules. (replacing an aging oil fired heating system)

All this was achieved through two community share offers, raising over £800,000 to invest in the low cabon technology. 

Last year the school saved an estimated £36,000 in fuel bills and maintenance costs, which has been ploughed back into teaching. In addition the carbon footprint of the school was reduced by over 400 tonnes of CO2.


Future Plans:

Working with the Academy, our Co-operative would like to further reduce their costs and carbon footprint by installing LED lighting across the whole campus.

Over £30,000 is currently spent on lighting annually. As the first phase of this project, the M&S Community Energy Fund will allow us to install LED lighting in the sports facilities. In the second phase we would then like to launch a further community share offer to rasie the required funds to complete the LED lighting installation over the whole campus.

Any additional monies raised during this campaign will allow us to install LED lighting across larger areas of the school during the first phase of the project - further reducing the schools energy cost.