Leap of Faith A Music project from Forres, Scotland, Forres by leapoffaith

                          "Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eye can see"

When death came knocking at my door in the summer of 2009 my life& 39;s journey changed dramatically. I had to embrace chemotherapy to survive and surrender all my emotions to the power of love. The doctors said they couldn& 39;t cure me so I live with the question "What is healing?" It has been a turning point in my life.

I had been bringing music to children, alongside parenting, for over 20 years.  Suddenly my reality and my identity changed.  It was like being launched on a healing journey and this is what I& 39;d like to share with others.

Before I was diagnosed I bought a cottage that needed renovating. The transformation of the cottage has now become symbolic of my own journey of healing.  It is in the north east of Scotland, an area where I& 39;ve lived for over 20 years and find very beautiful.

Last summer a friend came to stay so that we could play flute together for a few days.  She was very inspired by my cottage project and really encouraged me to share it with others.  I was very surprised but as this journey is all about stepping into the unknown and overcoming my fears, here I am writing this now!

Last Easter I started making tiles for the cottage at the local pottery.  I collect beautiful things from nature and press them into the moist clay. They are biscuit fired, then glazed.  I am capturing the seasons of the year and fossilising them. I find the whole process very healing.

I also made 3 huge pieces of felt to make into a cover for my harp.  We were a small group of women, carding the fleece, laying it out on a board, laughing, talking and singing.

My dream is to finish the work on the cottage so that I can invite people to come and stay. People in recovery, their carers or indeed anyone needing a nurturing, creative break. We could spend time in nature, sing, play harp, flute, lyre, piano or make candles.  You could spend time with local artists who have a wide range of skills to share or a professional storyteller friend of mine could tell your story back to you as a healing art.  Or you could simply spend time just & 39;being& 39; and enjoy the peace and beauty.

The reason that I am asking for support is because my resources are very low and the work on the cottage has been a lot more extensive than I first thought. The £3,000 I am hoping to raise will enable me to make ONE big step towards my dream.  I am doing as much as I can (which includes making endless cups of tea for others and apple crumble!) and last summer my son was able to help. 

I am very grateful to all my talented friends whose skills, help, understanding, expertise and support are woven into the project.  I couldn& 39;t do it without them.  We are recycling as much as possible.

£3,000 will enable me to put in the floor and insulate the cottage.  I intend to move in as soon as possible although there will still be a lot of construction work to do on the other side of a closed door.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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