Law Understood - book launch

Law Understood - book launch

My goal is to launch 'Staying Open for Business;' a guide that equips entrepreneurs to manage the legal issues associated with new ventures.

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The need for practical legal understanding is one of the most important, yet one of the most overlooked aspects of starting a new business. Failure to manage relevant legal duties when starting out can have damaging ramifications that undermine businesses in the long term. Staying Open for Business aims to arm entrepreneurs with the information needed to understand the legal landscape of running your own business.

Written in a simple style that makes important legal issues easy to understand, Staying Open for Business offers insight across a range of topics. From different business structures, to the main regulations that govern employment, as well as explaining the options at a business’s disposal when it comes to choosing a premise and exporting goods. It achieves this by providing key facts, unraveling complex business terms and describing the numerous challenges of running a business.

The Office for National statistics estimates that more than 50% of new businesses in the UK fail within 4 years of their creation. With the launch of Staying Open for Business Law Understood’s true aim is to help reduce the number of businesses who fail due to lack of legal knowledge or poor business choices. It is the hope that Law Understood develop a community following to help empower young business owners and encourage them to reach their goals.  

Having spent over two decades working as a business lawyer, and later as the owner of my own businesses, I am only too aware of the myriad legal headaches faced by entrepreneurs when looking to start their latest venture. In writing Staying Open for Business my experience of these worlds has been fused to provide straightforward and readily accessible legal insight.   

The £5000 I am seeking to raise will be spent in order to make this book as readily available to aspiring business owners as possible. The book will be marketed through social media, as well as an online platform.

Your help will enable us to launch this book and provide business owners with the legal knowledge they need to help their business.