Lar Lar Land "Meeting Completely Lar Lar"

Lar Lar Land "Meeting Completely Lar Lar"

We need money to print the first set of books to then get on demand printing. And to get to anywhere to do a reading or promote the books.

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Lar Lar Land is where imagination comes from and where it's created before it arrives anywhere else. A boy named Arthur falls into this land from his new home. He meets Completely Lar Lar to get his bearings. 


Here's A Link To Half O f The First Book Without illustrations:


If we got asked to do a radio chat in Manchester or anywhere we would have to think about whether it would be worth it given the fact it would come out of my own pocket. Yet generally we want as much self-publicity as we can, it's a long Series of 20 Books.


There's no reason what so ever that this book can't be on a shelve in America so to go there and add more books personally would be great. We want to take the book all around the world into independent bookstores, so a bit of backing goes so far.  We also want teddies of the characters

(This was Jasmine drawing her sister)

so the kids have another way to interact with the book whilst  we're doing a reading for instance. 

Lar Lar Land is based on a place a young boy named Arthur arrives at from his new home. After what was a daunting thought moving house, he never would imagine that he would fall in a new land. The place he falls into is like no other you have read or seen before, with "imaggy-ation" that we never knew was there!

A series your children must not miss and one the adults can enjoy reading to their kids rather than it being a chore!


(Here's a draft copy of the opening and another mid-way through the first book)




Jasmine is 16 years old currently doing her GSCE exams. Here's a few pictures of her work from the the age of 14. Jasmine has won awards and recently named as part of the best 9 in UK for her age. She's delighted to be onboard and build on her success to establish herself in the trade. Again all your help goes along way


Below was created when Jasmine was 14. Beautiful concept.

Arthur's mum at the moment but anything can change. Roald Dahl esq illustration.




Below: Early draft drawing of Arthur for Lar Lar Land...I can confirm this won't be Arthur yet he may turn up in another book by Si Baker


There's currently a group following prior to release :


As well as this project Si Baker ( Author) intends to announce 4 more books in the coming months for next year working alongside Jasmine. One got offically announced yesterday (10/6/17) called "Tramptastic". Based on a brother & sister who's foster mum dies. Instead of going with the Social Worker to the orphange they make a sly run for it and become tramps. Yet don't worry it's fantastic.


Yet first and foremost Lar Lar Land is everything to us, and we truly believe children will love this series. All your help and support is so important and without a shadow of a doubt appreciated.

 And again we want to thank everyone who has supported us whether it's through praise, helpful advice or just generally excited about the collaboration.  

Thank you for reading.

And please be part of the first books progress and donate some money, or donate a certain amount to get one signed!!!!


Love & Stay Completely Lar Lar