Lancaster Clothes Rail

Lancaster Clothes Rail

To help keep the Lancaster Clothes Rail going, the money will be used to replace things like plastic covers, the rail itself & coat hangers

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:51am 26th April 2017

The Lancaster Clothes Rail has gone from strength to strength thanks to some lovely individual members of the Lancaster community donating their unwanted clothes, donating rails, coat hangers, providing food boxes, feminine hygiene products, sweets and even sandbags! It's kept going despite various set backs of the rail disappearing, the cover being blown off or disappearing and dealing with soggy clothes! 

This page is intended for people to donate money, even a few quid would do really a lot to keep it going. The main things needed are money for the ever disappearing plastic cover, the boxes that contain food and feminine hygiene products, coat hangers and money to replenish the boxes should they be empty. 

Depending on how much we get donated, it would be nice to keep re stocking the rail with sleeping bags if not enough are being donated.