I'm looking for your help to finish my début Album, with your help I can demonstrate the positive impact music has on young people's lives.


Lady Nade 'Hard To Forget' Album Campaign

Hello, I'm Lady Nade, thanks to the help of the many pledgers that supported my campaign I'm able to demonstrate the positive impact music has on young people's lives through the release of my debut Album

Shaun the Sheep played a starring role in the campaign - I share the passion of The Wallace and Gromit Children's Foundation for supporting children in hospitals across the UK.  In July 2016 , with the organisation Superact, I will be performing music to sick children in local Bristol hospitals - so it only seemed right that Shaun got to play a part! I've also changed some of the lyrics my own songs to bring you some album teasers, 'Kiss This Troubled Sheep' instead of' Kiss This Troubled Mind' and 'Member Of Your Sheep' instead of 'Member Of Your Club' To follow the trail, supported by Sam Downie, Ruby Walker, Marcus Cole,BCFM, Sam Bonham, Vernon Harwood, BBC Bristol and BBC Introducing Bristol visit


Crowd Funding Video: Rhys David

The French name Nadine means 'Hope'. I was born in Bristol on the 23rd of August, I am one of seven. My six brothers and I were raised by our mother and grandparents. My grandfather remains a strong and steady influence in my life. My Song 'Peace And Calm' about him can be found on my youtube channelwww.youtube.com/ladynadevideos


(Mum, Me, Brothers Levi, Lance, Frank, Anton, Clive, CJ)I attended music sessions at Bristol Plays Music (formally known as Remix) from age 14. I then went on to study at the Access to Music College, where I further developed my musical abilities. I have since gone on to gain experience as a live singer, songwriter, guitarist and Youth Music Leader, joining the Bristol Plays Music Team. This in turn, has given me the opportunity to support other young people and to encourage them to develop their talents.  Based in Bristol, I have several residencies singing, hosting and running music events. ' Insert bits and bobs, including fan art, gig posters, press cut outs and a BMI Blueglass song-writing award of which I hope to win many more'

I am currently running workshops across the South West with people from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. I values ( cuz I'z Bristolian) the significance music has on young people’s lives by releasing an album, I aim to demonstrate personally the positive connection between youth music schemes and how they can help build young people’s self-esteem: How it is possible through music to not only express one’s self, but to also achieve your goals. Professionally, I want to develop further as a singer/songwriter and music leader. Finishing an album and gaining more experience nationally will help me to achieve this as well as inspiring youth networks further.  My aim is to Tour my album locaaly and Nationnally working with young people and youth music schemes to provide support shows on my gigs showcasing thier music.

I have been fortunate enough to receive a good level of support and excellent feedback from all those with whom I have been musically involved to name but a few:  The Rock Project; Trinity Bristol; Bristol Plays Music; Superact; BBC Introducing: Natalie Fee 'Made In Bristol TV' :Mellisa Chemam 'France Culture'  thanks to these organisations  and with the help from friends, family as well as my many fans, I was able to launch my album teaser single: 'Minds Made Up' in May this year.I am using all the money from single sales and gigs to re-invest in funding my album however, there are bigger costs to consider such as production, musicians fees, artwork, PR and marketing.  My aim is to continue to be an inspiration to others and to encourage wider youth music participation, be it their own discovery, using their own voice or an instrument or simply by listening to lyrics and music. Releasing my debut album I believe will be beneficial and help me develop further as an artist and music facilitator. I was in need of £15,000 to enable my vision to become a realisation. Pledges to the campaign arel helping cover the costs of professional mixing and production; fees for session players (to bring each song to its full potential); mastering costs (bringing the audio to a professional level) art work, video promotions; and the final album pressing to CD. By reaching my target, I will also be able to fund an advertising campaign to get my music heard nationally.  By pledging to my campaign there are lots of amazing rewards on offer!WITH YOUR HELP WE DID IT!