Transporting of Donations to Refugees in Kos

A Community project Swansea, United Kingdom

Transporting of Donations to Refugees in Kos

To raise funds to pay for direct delivery of goods to Kos Kindness in Greece

New stretch target

We  have enough to fill three Vans, but dig deep and we can at least get a 2nd one on the way x


Project aim

To raise funds to allow us to drive our donations direct

About the project

We need to raise funds to send donations to Kos in Greece where they are experienceing a daily influx of refugees from syria. 

The costs covered are;

  • Ferry dover to calais
  • 4800 miles of fuel
  • 3 ferries from Athens to Kos with two drivers
  • van hire
  • insurance

The drivers are giving their own time and are paying their own accomodation costs etc.