H&G Knight Ave Pictures

H&G Knight Ave Pictures

A short film about young people, made by young people. This project is an experience that will shape future careers in the film industry.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 14th Dec 2016 our project closed

H&G is a short film about young people, made by young people. It is a modern day fairytale, the story of two teenagers. H lives in a small high rise flat with his alcoholic, drug addicted mother, as she is on and off the wagon he is in and out of care, predictably he is in trouble a lot. He goes to school because that is preferable to staying home but he is in trouble a lot there too. At school he is friends with Gret, she is quiet and forgettable. From an ordinary family  Gret is average in all things and often feels ignored. The two find each other and the story takes us through twists and turns to a tragic conclusion. 

This film will be made entirely by acting, media and music students from a local high school. The students are serious and passionate about a career in the film making industry and the idea behind this project is to give them hands on practical experience they can use to open doors to further education and future employment.  What the students lack in funds they make up for in ambition, talent and creativity. To support this project is to support the prospects of many young people, offering them a real step toward starting worthwhile and exciting careers.