Transform our dated building into a modern eco-friendly learning center.

To help us be self sustainable and reduce our carbon foot print we have joined forces with Local Energy Action Plan(LEAP) who are a local charity that specialise in renewable energy. Our plan is to install PV solar panels and new double glazing windows with the guidance and support from LEAP. This will be adding to the already jointly secured funding from British Airways carbon foot print fund this is to the value of £12,000 and will pay for; loft, wall and underfloor insulation, lagging for pipes and a renewable energy waste water heat recovery system.The building at the moment is in a bad state of repair and cannot be used, we are currently renting rooms in the local school and in the wider community to meet the needs of our out of school care, play scheme and creche. The nearest community facility is 2 miles away, this community needs an independant hub that will deliver learning programmes that will meet the needs of the the whole family and community, we will be expanding on our child care programmes as soon as our dilapidated building is fit for purpose.

We will open doors for people of all ages by facilitating:

  1. Volunteering opportunites in child care, gardening,administration and janitorial duties.
  2. Access to free WiFi and guidance on how to access the internet.
  3. Free training in transferable accredition certificates e.g first aid, elementary food hygiene, child protection, lifting and handling, risk assessing, leadership and management and aspects of health and nutrition.
  4. Space for new grass roots social enterprises allowing them to take their first steps to making a difference in their community.
  5. Signposting to all our partners which in include: Renfrewshire TSI:Engage, local Housing Association: Linstone, energy advice: LEAP, Health and nutrition: Active communitites. Who all have their own specialised area in order to help break down barriers in the community and help us make Linwood a better place to live, work and play in.