Klangstrum - Ten Years On (12" Vinyl LP Release)

Klangstrum - Ten Years On (12" Vinyl LP Release)

I am aiming to raise enough funds to cover the costs of mastering my debut album and pressing it up to 100 vinyl records in a limited run.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, thanks for checking out my Crowdfunder project.

My name is Si, I'm known as Klangstrum musically.

I'm raising funds to be able to release my debut album on vinyl independently. 

The release is a concept album, with a theme of recovery in terms of mental health and my reflections on the past 10 years of my life. The idea and challenge is to achieve the release of my first album in time to mark 10 years of recovery with a sense of achievement.

I've previously had 6 songs aired on BBC Introducing in Norfolk, the local radio show dedicated to unsigned and under the radar musicians in my county.

The music I make is influenced by elements of post rock and some of the more laid back aspects of alternative, indie rock.

Sonically I make use of my keen taste for reggae and dub as well, its a melting pot of styles I've been listening to but somehow I've found a style that fits me, with my sound.

So the plan is to record and mix my album both at home, in my bedroom studio, (using a wealth of equipment I've amassed over the years and my experience as a musician and computer nerd when it comes to al things sound/audio related), and at college where I can make use of sound proofed, professionally acoustically treated vocal booths and live rooms for acoustic sound sources such as acoustic guitars and percussion as well as my own voice, and generally for getting the best takes possible of all recordings prior to the final mix.

I intend to have mastering handled externally, at a professional mastering studio which I aim to pay for with part of the funds raised by this Crowdfunder project/campaign. The remainder of the funds, if the project is successful, will pay for the artwork and to have 100 vinyl copies pressed up and 96 shipped out to backers. I intend to keep four of the records, that I shall cover the costs of personally - one for myself to listen to, one for my parents, one for submission to Radio Norfolk and one just to hang up on my wall to remind me of the achievement.

In terms of the recording process itself, I already have everything I need in order to create the album and know how to do so from experience. In fact I've recorded 5 of the 12 tunes that are definite cuts already. 

This is really about gathering interest and support from you all so that I can realise my ambition of having the album pressed to vinyl and out there in the world, through digital download platforms as well.

Please pledge what you can, this would really bring a thread of sense and wellbeing (through the creative achievement of making my album on wax) to what has been a difficult period in my life.