Cat Cafe in Northampton!

With the huge success of cat cafes in Tokyo, London, Nottingham and other big cities, my plan is to open a Kitty Cafe in either...

With the huge success of cat cafes in Tokyo, London, Nottingham and other big cities, my plan is to open a Kitty Cafe in either Northampton or Milton Keynes!

As a huge cat lover myself, volunteering at rescues and owning my own kitties, I have travelled far and wide to visit numerous cafes, but there is nowhere within 60 miles of my home town. So I thought why wait for someone else, when I could try and do this myself!

I already volunteer for an animal rescue who have on average 120 cats at any one time for rehoming. I would house between 15-20 kitties at the restaurant, and make customers aware that the opportunity to rehome their favourite fur-baby is available to them. I would then pass on their adoption application to the animal rescue to follow up. Then once a kitty has been adopted, the next cat can take his/her place at the cafe. I honestly feel that this partnership with the rescue would work amazingly well.

I have noticed that most cat cafes charge a price on the door of an average of £5 per adult and £3 per child as a welfare payment. I would also charge this, but make it known to the customer that this is a donation to the rescue to enable them to pay for the ongoing bills rescuing animals such as the cats we have costs. This £5/£3 does not go to the business.

I would also like to invite children with an interest in animals, as well as people with learning difficulties to come and help with the care of the cats, to learn and gain valuable experience. I would also look to employ people who are undertaking animal welfare courses at the local college, as well as offer work experience to the large population of unemployed people in both Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire, both in front of house and kitchen roles.

I have a business plan, and a premises in mind. The premises (an ex Indian restaurant) costs £27,500 per annum, needing a £6000 deposit, plus funds for set up. There is already the basics of a commercial kitchen, and more than enough space to have multiple couches, and mix&match chairs and tables, providing for around 25 customers at each time. The average time allowed for customers is between 1 hour and 1hr30mins. I would be looking at 1hr30mins for booking time.

The money I am looking to raise would cover the initial deposit and rent for the first 6 months, as well as the set up of the cafe. I am open to all suggestions/comments but please ask any questions you have and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability!