Business owned by people...where we can keep a tab on how many mouths we fed how many kids we sent to school how many people we saved

I always wante d to create a business/charity or the people...I recently traveled to Congo to explore some gaps in the market. As Congo is a mineral rich country and growing the economy, there are alot of products being sent back and forth, all this products require transportation Big trucks, Bus and cars. And people are paying as much 2000 dollars for a single trip from 1 point to another with their products that vary from cars to food and clothes.

As i'm fluent in 5 languages including lingala which is the main language there i will be the ideal man to open a transportation company in Congo. what i like the most about this business is the fact that i can guarantee the money back within the 1st year of running the business so its profit on profit.

i have all the contacts in england to buy strong container trucks for a good price. and i also have the contacts in Congo with major companies that need the service so as soon as the trucks land in congo. it will be to work.

with my calculations for the first year we will make 1million$ dollars but in order to do that i need to raise enough money to buy the vehicles in englad as everything is much cheaper and better quality.

(1 container tuck making 2 trips aweek from the capital to the port coud make as much as 100 000 $ a year

this means with less than 200. 000 dollars i can transform the investment into 1million$ dollars in the 1st 12months