kids cafe

A Community project Truro, Cornwall

kids cafe

A family based community cafe creating local, seasonal family food

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 4th Nov 2016 our project closed



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I have three children aged 5 and under, often I need to go into town either to save my own sanity and prevent me from going stirr crazy sat in my house, or most likely because I need supplies of some sort and even the speedy next day delivery of online shopping isnt quite quick enough! (cmon weve all been there, "muuuuum someones chucked the loo roll down the toilet..." or is that just in my house?) however when I get to town with 3 young people in tow someone will need the toilet, someone will be hungry, someone will have fallen over and grazed their knees. A jaunt around town isnt simple when you are a parent, often if you enter a coffee shop or cafe with said moany, hungry children you get disgusted looks shot at you for ruining other peoples nice quiet lunch, which I totally get! and If you have a little baby ( or an older child) who needs breastfeeding its hard to relax wondering if you are offending someone, if someone will draw attention to you by causing a scene. So what I would love to do is have a cafe where parents can bring their children and the children can eat and play without impacting on other peoples quiet time. Children can get involved in a variety of activities from creating their own pizza toppings to making art work for the walls. I plan on having a small play area, an area with books, an eating area, a sofa area where mums can sit comfortably to feed and groups can meet. I would like the food to be healthy home made food which can be easily made. Id love it to be a real community place hopefully with local growers (whether youve an apple tree or veggy patch in your garden or a whole orchard Id love you involved) contributing items so there will be seasonal meals available. Id like to work with the food bank allowing a reduced/ voucher based option. I also hope to work with other local business. I want to create somewhere parentsĀ arnt going to feel judged if the children arnt sat in silence, or if they need to feed their child in whatever way they want to. Parenting is hard enough without feeling judged wherever you go. Id like to cater for chldren from brth, so Id hae bottle warming facilities, weaning foods, breastfeeding supplies, toddler sized meals, childs sized meals as well as adult sized. I have lots of ideas to creat a little nook like no other. With the money raised I plan to Rent premisis and buy the materials I will need.