Kettering Ms

Ms Kettering... Raising awareness for future fundraising events.

So here's my just giving page, as requested by a few very kind generous people I know, who have asked me how they can donate... And here's a little about why I have set this page up.

It's a for a cause close to mine and my family's heart. Whilst raising a little for the Multiple Sclerosis fund, I will also be achieving something amazing for myself. So I will have two reasons to feel proud of at once.

For those of you that do know me you will be aware of how I have struggled with my weight, for many years. I have had to have several operations on my right knee and struggle with pain on a daily basis. I know that with some weight loss I could make the pain a little more bearable, and not have to let my knee carry my weight ???? hehe.

In all seriousness I have tried many times to lose weight, succeeding with a lb here and there and apart from irritation at wanting a lovely top that's one size too small but the only one in the sale, I never really gave the diet a proper “give it my all” chance. However this time I have set myself a challenge, a real focus with no time for diet cheating and giving up. A challenge not only for myself but also to help raise some money for MS. And hopefully make more people aware of this horrible condition that effects thousands of people, no two people are affected the same, its individual to the person.

So why have I chosen to do a Sponsored Weight Loss program and asking for any donations to show your support to MS? A very personal meaningful reason. My sister was diagnosed many years ago with this debilitating condition and struggles on a daily basis. You cannot see MS but the effect it has on the body is as devastating as it is heart-breaking. Mandy has struggled with MS in lots of ways, but I'm so proud of her and how she gets on with her day to day life. She has recently started going to MS WARRIOR coffee morning and it's really helped her.She's made alot of friends who also have MS and she's helping to plan charity fundraisers with Kelly who runs the coffee morning. Kelly also does a MS daily blog......

So I have set a target for myself to lose 3stone from the 8th August till New Years Eve. I know this will be hard as I struggle to exercise like others but I am going to give it my all. I have the support from my family & friends and it is not just an option - I WILL lose this weight. I started on August 8th and already I can proudly and happily say I have lost "12lb", still a little more to go, but I can do this and I will do this. My weight loss so far has helped me get the confidence I needed. Now I’m waiting for my next weigh in tomorrow; I will be updating you all weekly.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my story and about my goals. A big thank you to those who have donated and are showing your support and faith. Every penny counts so no donation is too big or small.

Rie xx