Kent toad patrol 2017

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Kent toad patrol 2017

Our aim is to fund a dedicated coordinator to help our amazing volunteers save 1000's of toads from being killed on our roads in 2017.


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Each year in Spring common toads begin their extraordinary and treacherous migration to breeding ponds. This journey can take them through the relative safety of woodlands and fields, however many also migrate through our towns and villages, and inevitably attempt to cross busy roads, meaning that a huge number do not fulfil their ambition.  

Common toads have declined drastically in the last 10 years, with fears that the springtime chorus of this species may soon become a distant memory.  

However there is hope for our common toad, in the form of human helpers. The Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group have an enthusiastic and diverse team of volunteers, called toad patrollers, who gather every year to carry these fascinating creatures to the safety of their ponds. 

Many thousands of toads have been saved in Kent due to the efforts of our toad patrollers. However, with this success comes many hours of organisation and administration to keep our patrollers and toads happy and safe.  

We are hoping to fund a dedicated Kent toad patrol coordinator for at least 10 weeks during the migration season to support our volunteers. This coordinator will make sure that our volunteers have all the people-power and equipment they need to stay safe on our dark roads, whilst spreading the word about this important campaign.  

All funds received will be used for charitable purposes through KRAG, an affiliated member of Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK (Charity No. 1165504)

If we are lucky enough to recieve funds over and above our target of £1000, these will be dedicated to the conservation of common toads in Kent.