A project to keep our precious children warm while saving money for us and carbon for the planet.

Keeping our special kids warm!

Our radiators and windows are so tired from all the hard work they have done over the past 27 years, please help them go into retirement!

At the Forest of Dean Children’s Opportunity Centre, we support young children with special needs and their families. We believe that all children, with or without special needs, can play, learn and develop together - accepting one another’s differences and becoming the best of friends! We run fully inclusive pre-school and holiday sessions, alongside specialist groups for disabled and medically vulnerable babies and toddlers. Our children are really special, and it is so important that we keep them warm.179f04d4ca4529feec9f347883f8c2ae.jpg

We've just had funding for a new super-efficient boiler, but we need to replace all our old radiators and windows to ensure maximum productivity - keeping all that lovely heat inside and saving energy too!

63cdd77fd82acc8c2cbb726c0e8c2da9.jpgWe need to keep the Centre very clean to prevent infection and we are hot on hand washing which means the children get through a lot of hot water...

They also love their messy play so we do a lot of washing of children and their clothes!


So we've started on our journey to become a more efficient Centre, but we still have a long way to go. The new boiler is great but it will be undermined by our inefficient old radiators and our damaged old windows. We’d love to finish the project so that all the elements work together, keeping our very special children warm and comfortable, saving us money so that we can continue running services for the children and their families, and saving carbon so that the children have a healthy planet to grow up on.

We really need your support to help us improve our Centre making it more comfortable for the children, more financially efficient for our coffers and more energy efficient for the planet!