Kayak To Lundy...& Back For Imogen

Kayak To Lundy...& Back For Imogen

4o Mile Kayak Challenge Raising Funds For Little Girl With Micro Cephaly

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4o Mile Kayak Challenge Raising Funds For Little Girl With Micro Cephaly

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Over £1000 already raised prior to this on a journey to finally raise £9000 for Imogen.

8 guys, either present or former members of Bideford Round Table have been training since April to complete a 40+ mile round trip kayak from Ilfracombe to Lundy Island & back this summer.The good cause is a 4 year old girl called Imogen who lives in Bideford.Imogen is severely disabled. She was born with a very rare genetic condition which means that she has an extremely small head causing severe developmental delay. This has a major impact upon her life as it means she is unable to swallow and is therefore fed through a tube into her stomach. She has polymorphic epilepsy and can have up to 30 seizures every day and has recently developed a condition called dystonia which causes severe muscle spasms and chronic pain.Imogen is not able to do anything at all on her own, she cannot sit up or stand or even hold her own head up.On top of that Imogen is severely sight impaired and can only tell the difference between light and dark.We are raising funds towards installing a water therapy unit with a hoist in her house for her to enjoy.She occasionally gets to use the water therapy unit at Little Bridge House. This helps to relax her muscles and alleviate the pain the suffers. On top of this she loves the sensation of water and it is the time at which you will see her at her happiest. The Unit will cost around £9000 & we hope to raise at least some of that.Thanks in advance for your generosity.