Kaninchen Album

An Arts project Huddersfield, United Kingdom

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Its about time Kaninchen had an album... don't you think?

They did it!

On 17th Dec 2015 we successfully raised


of £500 target

32 backers


42 days

New stretch target

I will be able to pay even more people to do things like make videos to go with the album :)

People keep asking me if I have an album. I would love an album. I want to be able to use my glorious array of talented friends to help me create this. I want to pay them. Creative arty types need paying!

Kaninchen is my performance name for what happens when I play with a loop pedal. Songs emerge. They can't help it. They just come. People seem to really like my songs. This makes me feel very proud and happy and I want to share them far and wide!

£500 would help towards recording costs, CD artwork and duplication.

I would then do lots of gigs! More gigs than ever before

... and you are all invited!

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