K.T.M Exterior Cleaning  Services

A start up business that'll be a success. We've spotted a gap in the market within the Cleaning industry Success is our mission statement

My fiance and brother have a great business idea where we have identified is a huge gap in the market.

We have a business plan and we almost ready to go. We are in talks with councils and commercial businesses. 

We are looking for funding for 

1. Quality advertising leaflets and business cards to go canvassing.

2. Uniforms which display our business name and on the back our support for research into a rare genetic syndrome.

3.we need a small van to get to the jobs. 

4. We have small equipment but it would be fantastic to have some which made the job a little easier. 

Once established we have decided to donate for 12 months 20% of any profits towards research into a rare genetic syndrome. I was diagnosed with this in 2014 at the age of 29

To raise awareness of the degenerative connective tissue syndrome called joint hypermobilty syndrome, finromilgia and ehler downlos syndrome .

These are called Zebra illnesses. 

Because it is classed as a chronically painful invisible disabilty.

As we look ok on the outside but are suffering terrible on the inside which chronic pain and different injuries etc...

Rare genetic syndromes which makes life for the sufferer extremely hard.

Raising awareness can help make life easier for people who suffer from this cruel and extremely painful disease.

So starting our business asap is vital. http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/k-t-m-chronic-pain-awareness?tk=d690aafffd6fc7722f79a38b955658e7d3ceeb5b