To help people with ADD, ADHD in countries where such diagnoses are not accepted by officials treatment organisations.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 4th Jan 2017 our project closed

I need to attract attentions of all of  you  to start   organisation to help adult jung people  with ADD ,ADHD in countries where such syndrom is not accepted for Adult.  In such contries they  are given the other diagnoses and treated for other deseas with medical therapy which made them like a  plant.  In case of ADD , ADHD the best only treatment is behavioral therapy and only in special cases can be applied in conjunction  with medical therapy.    They suffer a lot in their life loosing a faith in themselves and in their abilities. They are kind, sympathic and talanted. Mostly of them where  not diagnosed in a  childhood whith ADD , ADHD at all. They just felt they are not same like the others--they  thought  they are worse but it is not .In their case they need only help in learning,  to get better and  easier way  to learn and create more  themselves in what they have talant. They need help in learning profession and then they need help with work especialy starting new job in a new teem. Many of them  need  help in plan coordination  and then they  can manage without help. The first path  must  be done for them together with somebody who helps. Help them! Dont live them together with their own disoder lonely and unclaimed.  They cant find a work THEMSELVES, at least many of them  -- they have no money to live. To help them  to  find their place in that world which are different for them compare with us, helping them to find   work . They need psyhologists,  guides, which  work will be to help them in need,  supporting them in the planning and looking for work and dayly life.

I wish a help by YOU ! To start these project by myself , I cant . I cant make a film, video and promote this project  to many of you . So I just need a help by all  to start such a project to help  them Who are threated  all their life and more they get, help with a wrong diagnos which did not help them at all.  HELP-  to be like we, Help to be them happy  and find  a"HAPPY HOME" .    Thank you!