Just Like Us

Please help Martin to raise funds for our group Just Like Us, so that we can help other people, he is running a 44 mile race on sept 17th.

Please help Martin who is running the river airway challenge, which is a 44 mile race, on the 17th of september to raise funds for our group JUST LIKE US. Martin is also sponsered by Recovery Radio Scotland.

Just Like Us wants to raise funds to buy new quality clothing and footwear, and toys to sell to people at affordable prices, within the local community. As well as offering recycled clothing, clothes swapping facility and household items. We will organise sales in local venues and identify city wide events to begin with, our long term is to open a community shop, within the local community of Milton, in the north of Glasgow, as there are no local facilities. And we realise sometimes people can not afford the cost to travel as well as the itmens they need. With christmas drawing nearer a local facility would benefit our community.

Just Like us would also like to buy equipment to allow us to produce a range of products such as bookmarks, fridge magnets, and different hand crafted goods that would allow us to sell to other orgainsations and schools to allow them to raise funds and allow us to sustain our theraputic community.

We are a group of people who have faced different challenges in life such as addiciton and mental health issues, depression and anxiety.  We have created a theraputic community, using our lived experiences to develop a programme called "The power of Example". Which has helped us to learn new skills and turn our lifes around and we want to help reduce  stress felt by people in the community. At the same time allow us to gain work experince to help us to gain employment or create jobs in the community.