Help Joanne Malone live with incurable cancer

My aim is to raise some funding for Joanne, who is again battling cancer, to make life more comfortable and easier for her.

 My aim is to raise some funding for Joanne, who is again battling cancer.

Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 yeas ago, where she underwent a mastectomy chemotherapy and radio therapy.

The chemo had an adverse affect on her physical health and rendered her with serious mobility issues. This resulted in her having to take early retirement due to this debilitating long term illness, giving up her job as a nurse.

Earlier this year, Joanne also lost her sister in law, John's sister, to cancer, after being diagnosed with cancer 6 months earlier.

After this Jo and her husband John, tried to build on this sad time in their lives by going on their first foreign holiday in five years, eating healthily and losing weight.

Although Jo and her family were still coming to terms with the loss of their sister, they were becoming more positive in their outlook despite all this.

Then, last week Jo was rushed into hospital with breathing difficulties, where she was told she had developed secondary cancer in her lung, which sadly is incurable. She was told she also has several clots in her lungs and was extremely lucky to be alive, this has immediately had a detrimental impact on their lives as they have had to cancel their much anticipated holiday, and has had to give up swimming, which was her only way to exercise due to her mobility problems, she is now unable to walk more than a few steps without having pain and breathing difficulties.

As you can imagine, we, her family and friends are devastated and frightened. She has a wonderful supportive husband John who does his best to care for Joanne, they also have two sons. This, as you might imagine is a very difficult and emotional time for them all.

Jo never moans about her health and does her best to smile through everything that his thrown at her and the lows have been considerable.

It would be wonderful to enable Jo to either transform her accommodation, with a stair lift and build her a bedroom and bathroom downstairs, a suitable bed, or better still to help her and her family purchase a bungalow. 

Any help to make jo's life more comfortable would be amazing.