Jimmy (A.K.A Spring Heel Jack) - Album Launch

New Album Launch!

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As a boy ( not THAT long ago! ;) ) i loved to buy a CD and become engrossed in the music of my favourite artists, and dreamed that one day i would release my own.  Many years down the line, in a world where i still love CDs, i now have the opportunity to release a CD of my own original music, cherry picked from lots of original songs I've made for years.

It's pointless making a batch of CDs if nobody is interested in buying them, so here is a great way to judge that.  If enough of you good folks are interested and pledge, then it'll go ahead.  And that's not all..........

I plan on giving the profits, if the project is successful, to charity.  My wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis some years back, and i know what devastating affects it has on a person and those close to them, and so M.S is the charity i will donate the money too.  It would satisfy me that the proceeds may go some way to helping this cause.  It would thrill me that anyone would be listening to my music, at home or in the car etc!!  And i hope it would satisfy the listener to hear my music!