Jelley's Premium British_ VODKA

Jelley's Premium British_ VODKA

Welcome to the wonderful world of Jelley, the champion English vodka makers. WE NEED YOU! #ThisisVodka

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A little bit about JELLEY's...

Founded in 2015, Jelley’s Distilleries has created a unique and fresh approach to vodka. Launching with an award winning Elderflower Vodka, distilled in the heart of the rural East Midlands countryside, a winning combination of coriander, liquorice, cardamom, orris root and lemon with elderflowers proved fruitful with the added touch of being handpicked from across Northamptonshire.

Making the spirits the British way, with style, class and character, our elderflower vodka sample is a splendid taste created in the rolling hills of rural England not to be missed. From London and the Queen to Britpop and village cricket, Britain is great and so is our vodka!

Founder, Benjamin T Jelley was originally inspired to start a vodka business by his father.

'There’s also a bit of family history when it comes to vodka. My dad achieved quite a coup when he ran an exporting company in the 1990s by selling vodka to the Russians, a famous tale he continues to dine out on to this day.”

Just 12 months after launching, 2016 was a year of celebration with Jelley’s Vodka scooping two separate accolades.

Our magnificent Jelley's Elderflower Vodka was awarded the highly-respected 'Best New Local Drink of the Year' at the Carlsberg UK Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards 2016. The prestigious title came on the back of winning a national industry recognition, having achieved the Hot Craft Spirits Award 2016 title of Best Independent Spirit in the Summer.

Founder, Benjamin T Jelley, the driving force behind his brand, has now celebrated the sale of more than 2,000 bottles since those first days of trading and assures that: “Just because our debut tipple is now multi award-winning doesn't mean we're going to ease off the pace.”

Quite the opposite – Jelley’s Vodka has got plenty planned for 2017, including the launch of a new pomegranate vodka and the launch and development of the Jelley's Land Rover Discovery Bar.  Further exciting events planned include taking on our first members of staff. 

With your support you can help make this year and the future of Jelley’s Vodka go down a success.


Every pledge will help this fledgling business grow; this is your chance to be part of an exciting new vodka brand. You can help to bring something new and exciting to the vodka industry!

If you'd like to make a donation or pledge but don't want to release your personal information on the site, please email us your contact details so we can arrange delivery:

The JELLEY's Land Rover Discovery Bar



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