Cafe Startup

Cafe Startup

A new city Café.


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I have had the idea of a cafe for a number of years now, which became more important to me when I realised that my daughter with Autism would struggle to find a job and continues to do so, but found it hard to think of where the gap in the market was, food wise. Last year I found a gap...

During this last year I realised what was missing, I have been researching what is on offer locally, talking to different people, testing products, looking at costs of rent and utilities, working in a friends cafe for ideas and practice and regularly updating my business plan with new information

The Cafe will predominantly serve this certain type of food as well as the usual type of stuff that is popular and necessary to include. There are local establishments that serve some of the gap foods, however they are limited and not very adaptable due to being part of a chain, I want to be dynamic, adaptable and want customers to have regular new experiences with my Cafe.

I will stand out as i will be offering food that is not available anywhere else, I will adapt to what the customer wants rather than just having a set menu, I will add a seasonal menu, add regular new ideas and daily specials.

My customers will gain buying from me because my meals will be higher quality, healthier, more ethical and locally sourced. They will be able to bring their entire family and they will all have something they will want and feel they are the targeted demographic.

As well as adapting to the customers taste in meals, I would like to expand the eat in and take away food/snack range by importing some foods. This would need to be somewhere down the line as I would need to increase space for storage to decrease the costs associated with importing by buying in large bulk. I will keep on top of trends whilst keeping in mind that the menu needs to be a respectable size to keep waiting times to a minimum and food fresher.

An important part of what I want to do with this business, is give other disabled people as well as my daughter a better chance to work, as many are more capable than employers give them credit for. Eventually I would like to expand to do some worth while things for the community, initially providing free meals for the local street homeless, but later down the road, I would like to create a space for younger generation to go to and have somewhere warm and safe to express themselves and have something to do.

A break down of the donations requested are for

3 months advance rent £13,750.00
Large equipment costs £24,700.00
Furnature £2,065.00
Smaller equipment costs £1,087.00
Licenses, fee's and other start up costs £5,292.00
Start up Stock £1,900.00
Decoration and building £20,000.00


+ crowdfunders 5%



The reason I have chose to keep what I get, rather than all or nothing, is because I will be getting a bank loan for the remaining amount if I am unable to raise it all. I am trying to reduce the amount I borrow as much as possible as, although I am confident my business will be a success, such a large loan can be a huge strain on the business and myself, so would like to avoid it as much as possible.

Any donation you give but are unable to receive a reward for, I am happy to treat it as a loan to pay back as soon as the business can afford to.

After doing a comprehensive sales forecast using very low figures, I have projected that the business will be £273,919 in profit by the end of the first year in business. My business plan has been thoroughly looked over by a business specialist and he is confident it is a very viable project.  

I will be blogging my progress on my Facebook page

For the pledges, I have ticked that your address is not essential, however I would like to send a personal thank you card, so would be grateful if you can message me something so I can forward some kind of personal thank you.