Jacks Gym

My project and vision is to create a gym which will impact the surrounding community in a postive manner.

My project and vision is simple. I want to develop the best gym in the country. I have always wanted to own my gym my second home. A place was people can workout in comfort. A place of community and hard work, Jacks Gym is a dream of mine and a dream I hope can come true. 

With an ever increasing obesity problem in this country Jacks Gym will be not only a place were people can workout but also a place of education. Teaching kids and teens how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make the right choices they as they grow into adults.

Jacks Gym will be a place of community offering a place was people can meet and socialize in a place of warmth and happiness. My vision is to create a gym not just for people to workout in but also for people to feel at home in, Drink coffee and juices, eating healthy options of snacks like homemade protein balls.

The Gym itself will be a combination of modern and sawdust. I am currently talking with technogym to become a rep of there brand. Technogym equipment I believe is the best around and offers some amazing free weight machines and cardio equipment. There will also be an athletic section which will contain more free weight equipment etc. 

The most important thing about Jacks gym, my dream is the community side. I keep going on about it but for me if I can make a positive impact on the surrounding area's health then I’m going in the right direction in developing some of importance and greatness. 


Jack Graves