Cavanagh Half Century gift: album by Lol Coxhill

A Music project Glasgow, United Kingdom

Cavanagh Half Century gift: album by Lol Coxhill

We're raising funds for John's 50th B-Day so he can put out an album by Lol Coxhill, a project which John has wanted to do for many years.

Lol Coxhill was a childhood musical hero to John Cavanagh,

whom he ended up knowing as a friend and collaborating with too.

In 2008, John recorded an album of saxophone duets

by Lol and another of his devotees, Raymond MacDonald.

There have been hopes and plans to release this album across time,

but various things have conspired against this.

The occasion of John's 50th birthday

may just be the moment when this beautiful album

can get out storage and into the ears of those who will love it,

but it needs a little help - and that's where you come in,

hopefully with a birthday gift donation to this project, via Crowdfunder!

Let's make it happen!

Happy Birthday John! :-)