Invisible Youth and Felix Road Halloween Circus

Invisible Youth and young people at Felix Road Playground, Bristol,will create a Halloween Circus show for the public and their playground

Invisible Youth have been providing free, accessible circus training sessions for all the children and young people at Felix Road Adventure Playground in Easton, Bristol for over 3 years. Our voluntary tutors work every Sunday afternoon at the Playground, bringing inclusive social circus to youngsters from deprived backgrounds.

This Halloween Half term we would like to deliver a focused 3 day project ending in a show for friends, family and peers, as well as the general public.

Participiating in projects such as this teaches the participants vital life skills such as daring, trust, teamwork, focus and perseverance. Their 3-day experience wil be an exciting and challenging journey, as they create the show under our mentorship. The final show will promote their Playground, inspire other young people to get involved and most importantly give them a chance to present what they have created and be proud of themselves.