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Crowdfunder smashes through £500,000+ funding target in just over 3 hours in equity crowdfund campaign.

The UK’s No 1 rewards-based platform* has hit its fundraise target in 24 hours - with over 200 investors pledging £500,000 in the first 3 hours alone.

Crowdfunder launched it's equity fundraise at 9am on April 23 2014, on equity crowdfunding platform,, and were blown away when £230k was pledged within 15 mins.

Phil Geraghty, Managing Director of Crowdfunder said: “It's been an awesome day - a massive endorsement of what we've been doing at Crowdfunder - and the sheer power of crowdfunding as a way to raise investment. I'd like to thank all of those who have backed our great idea - and our desire to turn more ideas into reality.

“Crowdfunder makes a great investment because we are a digital high-growth business in a fast growing market, but also we are really proud of the social and economic impact that we are having across the whole of the UK. We welcome the support we have received in helping us crowdfund the future.”

Innovation charity Nesta were the first to pledge towards the Crowdfunder equity fundraise on Crowdcube with £150k provided to support the tech start-up.

Crowdfunder is the number one rewards-based crowdfunding platform in the UK*. It has to date raised over £1.5 million for over 4,000 projects, ranging from businesses, charities, communities and social enterprises and grown by a factor of 15 in the last 12 months. A report from The Crowdfunding Centre this month revealed that Crowdfunder has more projects than all other UK platforms – challenging global giants Kickstarter and Indiegogo on UK soil.

Luke Lang, co-founder, Crowdcube said: "It is a tribute to Crowdfunder and its team that it secured it £500k target in just over 3 hours, which sets a new record for the fastest equity crowdfunding raise ever. With investment form NESTA and more than 200 investors Crowdfunder is now well placed to take advantage of the growing crowdfunding market."

Although the fundraise is now fully subscribed there maybe an opportunity to invest if any of the current shareholders drop out. If you would like to kept informed, if any of these shares do become available, please add your details below:


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