Internal description editor test

Internal description editor test

To test the new editor

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is the new improved description editor

Its now much easier to use and make your project look great. When visitors land on your project, you need make a connection quickly and get them excited about your project. To do this well you’ll need make sure your description is structured, concise and engaging. Add some images and testimonials to give it a professional-looking finish.

Opening – Briefly summarise your key points in two or three sentences. Keep it simple.

What are you trying to achieve? – Explain the problem that your project solves and why it’s important. Does it address social exclusion? Does it give people training or skills? Does it build a sense of community?

What makes your project great? – Introduce your project and all the key facts. Focus on what makes it unique. Why is it different? Why should people support it? Why is it important?

Who are you and what’s your experience? – This is your chance to show off your expertise and build credibility. Demonstrate clearly that you are the right people to make this idea happen.

Tell your story – Explain how your idea was started and why you decided to make this project happen. Talk about your journey and inspiration. Don’t forget that your story is still unfolding – what does the future hold, where are you going?

How is the money being spent? – Outline what the money raised will enable you to do. Create a pie chart to show that you’re making smart decisions with your spending.

Rewards – Highlight the strongest rewards in your description to draw more attention to them. Give any extra information that will make them more attractive to potential backers.

FAQs – Anticipate common questions that people might have about your idea, organisation or crowdfund.