InPower Academy Community Hub

InPower Academy Community Hub

We want to provide a service for disadvantaged groups within the Black country area by opening our community hub in the heart of Walsall


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We at InPower Academy C.I.C want to open a community Hub for the youth of Walsall in the heart of the city. This community centre will host a range of recreational activities which aim to engage and empower the residents of the city

This crowdfund project aims to raise money to faciliate some of the projects which we are going to launch in 2017. The main aim is giving a fun and accesible service to everyone regardless of if they have physical disabilities or are belonging to a disadvantaged background. Please read below and we hope you get a insight in to what we want to achieve and hope you can help 

At InPower we have a overall aim of empowering young people to realise there potential. To engage with the young people we use the sport of Mixed Martial Arts as this has so many transferable benefiets to a individual, this includes developing confidence a trait we all need in life to be able to land the job we want or to go out and do something which we know will improve on our position in life.  other values include communication, self discipline amongst much more

Mixed Martial arts is a sport which involves some of the more traditional arts such as Boxing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Olympic wrestling and Judo and many more, And it involved them all being intergrated together and practiced in sequence. This is the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. We find it to be a great engagement tool for youths as they have grew up watching the sport but may never of had a chance to partake in it.

All traits developed are a must for any individual but especially the ones we target through our outreach programme called Intro 2 M.M.A. This a 12 week programme which see's us go into areas that have a known high anti social behaviour rate and we do outreach work and go into the communities and also work with local schools to identify youths that would benefit from engaging in our programme 

Outcomes of the first phase of this programme include community cohesion and a sense of self-belief from the individuals

Over the last 2 years we have engaged with over 70+ youths on this programme.

So one of our goals would be to bring the local youths into our hub for our Intro 2 mma programme and also deliver some of the courses and qualifications which we do on stage 2 of the programme. Some of the funding would go towards the following

  • Funding the course on phase 2 for the young people in affect giving them a InPower scholarship for free training and education ( this works out around £75 per young person)

We believe there are no barriers to potential, to replicate this we want to show there are no barriers to partaking in sports. We have worked with a range of people with different physical impairments

We have done projects working with children with learning difficulties, a range of learning difficulties. It was ashame as we saw limitied provision in the field of martial arts for these individuals, but on our programmes we learned fairly quickly that is not that they cant learn its that they learn differently. Part of this crowdfund will go towards sensory equipment for these young people including

  • Fitness Equipment (sensory)
  • Sensory Lighting
  • Sensory Accesories
  • Additional Sessional Coaches

We have also worked with physically impaired individuals. That is what we find great about the sport that wheelchair users can participate and learn the technique and get a great sweat on while doing it.

  • Wheel Chair Ramps 

We did alot of work with the deaf community also, working with the B.I.D organisation in Birmingham. We want to have a Deaf Boxercise programme but also a place where they can come and enjoy thereselves together

  • Deaf sports activity course for Instructors
  • Deaf Interpreter
  • Induction Loop Facility

As you can see we have alot planned at our Community hub, we really want it to be a place where everyone can come and enjoy thereselves and feel comfortable 

We have gone with the all or nothing campaign and i hope you can help us make this dream reality. Any donation that can be given will go a long way

As shown above those are some of the items which we will be accquiring with the funding if you want a cost breakdown we will be happy to give that also 

Thank you from Team InPower