INNA Showrooms Boutique in Reading

A Business project Reading, United Kingdom

Please help me open my new INNA Showrooms Boutique in Reading to bring beautiful dress designs to women across the Berkshire and beyond!

Please help me open my new INNA Showrooms Boutique in Reading to bring beautiful dress designs to women across the Berkshire and beyond! 



Since I moved to Reading, I started a new local networking group, called Reading Fashion & Beauty Events, to connect local businesses and brands. So I learned a thing or two about fashion industry operating in the local area. 

Whilst there are plenty beauty salons, independent beauticians and beauty retailers, Fashion seems to be a little forgotten.. Sadly, I didn't find any independent fashion retailers, boutiques or local designer shops. Reading is the fastest growing town in England, and international brands, commercial giants, seem to be taking over Reading high streets, destroying local businesses - I'm sure even 5 year-olds are aware of that! 

So I’m now planning to open my own fashion boutique in Reading and bring a little more glam to the local community!

Now, inspired by women of all shapes, sizes and ages, I have outsourced collections of unique style dresses. Blending classic, elegant silhouettes with the most vibrant block colours, they are extra special pieces designed to make you feel amazing, whatever the occasion.

Working with reliable suppliers in Turkey, I have established long term relationships with Turkish manufacturers that deliver an ecxeptional quality and service! I have been selling dresses online for over 6 months now, and the feedback is overwhelming! The product I'm selling is very affordable and is truly a gem! Many of my customers are Berkshire based and often ask if they could try them on, which is essencial service and if I had my own boutique, where my customers could come in and browse, would be such an advantage!

Prices vary from £55 (for short dress) and £75 (for maxi dress). Dresses have been sold to women 18-55, including bridesmaides, proms, special occasions, parties, black-tie events, work events and as every-day wear.



1. Reward all my backers! I'm not offering virtual hi-fives or special thanks on social media... You get a proper reward for your support, because it means the world to me! (By April 15th 2016)

2. Rent the commercial space in Reading Town Centre, fit the boutique with clothing racks, cash register, mannequins, fitting rooms, signs and promotional materials. (By April 30th 2016)

3. Stock up and recruit help. I will ba placing order for 50 styles with 2-4 colour variations in 4 sizes each. I'm planning to work in the boutique myself in order to provide the best service Reading ladies (and men!) have ever experienced! But I will need help, so I will hire 1-2 part-time staff locally. (By April 30th 2016)

4. Open for Business! (May 2016)

Of course, I'm prepared for a bumpy ride, but INNA Showrooms really needs to happen in Reading this year!


By backing INNA Showrooms on Crowdfunder, you are pre-ordering a unique dress with a generous discount available on Crowdfunder only and will receive it in time for the summer. The antithesis of fast fashion, you will be getting a piece that will last you for years, a trusted favourite that you can return to again and again.

You will help us fund the stock and contributing to the Berkshire (and surrounding areas) independent fashion boutiques, keeping it real, alive and flourishing.

On successful completion of this Crowdfunder campaign, we will initially sell our carefully selected collections in Reading boutique and on our website, but we also have long term plans to open more boutiques in the areas of the biggest demand around UK.

Furthermore, by investing in INNA Showrooms, you are helping me to understand which pieces are the most popular so I’ll be able to better plan our buying strategy.



The INNA Showrooms is a passion project for me, but I have been waiting for the right moment to launch. Having researched the market, I have found there to be a gap for AFFORDABLE timeless, special pieces that are sold here in the UK.

My frocks are carefully selected from vetted manufacturers, quality pieces that epitomise the elegant simplicity I have built my reputation on.



Each dress hangs perfectly, while the rich colours add extra charm and the soft fabtics next to your skin feels wonderfully.

In return for your pledge I am offering you an exclusive discounted Crowdfunder price, meaning you will get a Dress with 35-50% off the retail price.

There are 49 styles with many colour combinations to choose from, so it is truly a rare chance to get your hands on a very unique dress that NO ONE sells in UK in return for supporting my project.

Block colour dresses are generally easy to accessorize and are versatile pieces! You can wear with heels for an evening out, to the office, special occasion or for a lunch date! 


I’ll follow up at the end of the campaign to confirm your order details and get your size and any requirements, if applicable. Please make sure you specify the code of the product you with to pre-purchase (INS00XX), colour and size.

UK shipping is included in the price, for any international orders, I’ll charge extra. Please see individual rewards for details. Rewards will be shipped to you in April 2014.

If you have any questions regarding your size or measurements, please contact us on for assistance.

Thank you for your support!