Independent Airline Ratings

A Social Enterprise project London, United Kingdom

Independent Airline Ratings

Our aim is to provide unbiased, independent, trusted ratings and reviews of major air carriers in all travel classes.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 20th Mar 2016 our project closed


of £380,800 target

1 backers


56 days

Our aim is to provide unbiased, independent, trusted ratings and reviews of major air carriers in all travel classes to benefit the travelling public – i.e. you, and help you decide which airline and aircraft to choose from. We feel this is long overdue as we do not agree with most of the ratings of other organisations at this moment of time. We would like to be the Michelin guide for airlines.



We would like to be the independent source of information for frequent – and not so frequent – flyers. We would advise you on how each airline is doing in each of its travel classes on board of their aircraft in service.


Each airline and aircraft will be rated in a transparent manner. All of our trip reports will be posted online along with our ratings for the specific aircraft and the airline taking into account that different planes at the same carrier could possibly be rated differently. Our ratings for airlines as a whole and aircraft will be based on a scale from one to 10 taking various factors into account. The end result should give you the confidence to choose the right airline and the aircraft for your next travels.


Not only our ratings will be transparent but also will be our finances. Once the initial reviews are written, we will introduce a membership fee for exclusive content including an e-magazine to fund our future missions. Our accounts will be audited by independent auditors each year to prove that our operations are completely independent and no money was paid to influence our ratings in any way. The accountant’s statement will be published each year on our website. For the same reason, we will refrain from any advertising on our website.


As aviation enthusiasts, we feel confident to provide the public with an accurate, independent rating to help you choose the right airline for your next trip, even if that means we will have to board and rate more than 600 flights this year alone.