In despair to move from nightmare neighbour

In despair to move from nightmare neighbour

I am aiming to raise £15000 to help me move from my nightmare neighbour.


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Hello & thank you for taking the time to look at my campaign and to read my story. I am a single 40 year old male who is self employed, hardworking, honest and a law abiding citizen, who works immensely hard every day to try and better myself and to improve my life and standard of living, but no matter how hard i work and how hard i try to succeed on my own, i have been finding it extremely hard indeed to make any difference in my life what so ever. Due to my very moderate earnings, i am unable to access the finances that i need in the normal way, ie banks / building societys etc, so i thought that i would give crowd funding a go, as i am in desperate need to move from my current property. I currently live in a tiny studio flat, which is small but it could obviously be a lot worse, but unfortunately i am sharing the building, with a neighbour who i can only describe as a complete nightmare. My neighbour is addicted to inhaling solvents, which he does every single day and when ever he does this, he shouts, sings, claps and generally makes a total nuisance of himself, with myself and all the other residents living with his anti-social behaviour on a daily basis. He causes me a lot of unwanted stress and due to his behaviour, i have had to call the police e out to him on one occasion, but he still continues to be an utter nuisance. I am currently stuck & trapped in my situation and unless i come into some much needed money, then it looks as though, i will have no choice but to move back home with my parents at nearly 41 years of age. I understand that there are a lot of much more serious issues in the world than mine, but every body needs a little help sometimes and you would be helping a nice guy out of a hole to which i am struggling to get out of. I also cannot really offer any kind of reward, as i just don't have anything to give, but i will if possible give any money back to any backers that donate, if and when i possibly can.