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Imperial College London -MSc in Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology-Funding

Dear Readers

My name is Simona, I am 26 years old. I came to London 6 years ago from Lithuania to learn English. Through my cultural adventures I have come to consider London my home, the diversity of cultures its people along with its art and architecture have created a strong emotional bond. After working and saving hard for 3 years I decided to take a degree to pursue a carrier in the field of engineering. During my full time education I worked on a part time basis to cover half of my living costs the balance was funded by a student finance loan to cover tuition fees and my maintenance and living costs. After 3 years of intense studies I graduated in July 2016 with a BSc Architectural Engineering from London South Bank University.

I now intend to embark on an MSc in Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology, having been offered a place at Imperial College London, the programme starts on 1st October 2016. As the master’s course will be very challenging and require full time concentration and study for a year I will be unable to continue with part-time work. So I am exploring alternative financial help and support to pursue my goals and ambitions.

Why do I want to study MSc Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology?

During my undergraduate studies in the second year at London South Bank University I realised that geotechnical engineering resonates with my interests in mathematics and the physical world which created a sense of fulfilment and gave me a career direction.

In parallel to my studies and in recognition of my enthusiasm for the topic area I have undertaken research into the field, its applications and role in supporting and enabling the design of structures, all of which have continued to fire my interest in the subject. The MSc course will give me the opportunity to gain a deep and industry based perspective on salient topics in soil mechanics as I work towards my goal of becoming a geotechnical engineer.

In the field of engineering, I would like to act as a role model to inspire others to take a step along such a career path and enter the fields of science, maths, physics and engineering where women are underrepresented.

Why do I need help funding the course?

You may wonder why my family is not contributing towards the finance and helping with support for my future studies. Unfortunately as in the past without the support of family, I have had to become self sufficient very early in adult life. My mother works as a Nursing Assistanant in Lithuania where her salary is just £300 a month, all of which she needs for her own maintenance and sustenance. As much as she would like to help me, her role is moral support as she is not financially able to contribute. Thats why I am here on this website exploring the wider world of potential financial support, seeking sponsors - S, M, L, XL, to help me in my goals and ambitions so I can attend Imperial College London.

Many thanks to all of you for Taking the time to read my post also for believing in me, any contributions, greatly appreciated!


Below I have broken down my costs for the coming academic year to assist with your review of my profile

  • Tuition Fees: £11,000
  • Accommodation: £9,000
  • Transport : £904
  • Food: £3,000
  • Field trips: £1,200
  • Total : £25,104

An application has been submitted to Student Finace for maintenance of up to £10,000 GBP, a decision is awaited if all or part will be granted as a loan. Therefore total needed is £15,100

Summary of academic achievements and awards to date:

First Class Honors Degree in BSc Architectural Engineering at London South Bank University

In December 2015, I received the Civil Engineering Division Award for best Level 5 BSc Student, from the School of the Built Environment and Architecture at LSBU.


I undertook extracurricular studies to obtain a certificate in Building Information Management [BIM]. This was undertaken within a multi-disciplinary design team that collaborated on the project in the second year at university. The aim of the project was to explore the role of BIM and to understand the dynamics of teamwork in the design and delivery of a construction project. These studies gave me the opportunity to work as a team leader on a project with students from other disciplines and cultures to gain practical experience of a collaborative working environment with BIM as the focus.

In June 2015 I was fortunate to be selected by London South Bank University to visit China on an architectural building, art and cultural exchange. We visited Harbin and Nanjing to explore and understand Chinese construction methods, building types and materials used across time from a traditional historic perspective to contemporary new build. The exchange enabled me to study Mandarin in preparation and obtain a Mandarin language HSK1 Certificate.