Ignite – Opening up new futures for young people

Ignite – Opening up new futures for young people

Help Ignite to transform young lives and impact communities

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Ignite is working to prevent young people getting drawn into anti-social behaviour, offering pathways to new futures they hadn’t even thought of before.

What we do

When most of us see a group of young people on the street, especially when they look antagonistic and may be involved in anti-social behaviour, we walk away.   Not us!    Ignite employs people who are willing to walk into this crowd, engage them, and find inspiring ways to change their lives and move away from this street life.

As you will have seen on the news, violence on our streets is ever growing and youth culture is becoming more and more dangerous for all young people. Please help us to keep staff engaging with young people in Harrow to give inspirational 1:1 sessions, mental health awareness support and employment programmes.

Two Success Stories

Carlo: (on the right in the picture  with Darlington, our Employment Support worker) had no job  when they first met. He had almost given up on finding work after a long time of trying unsuccessfully.  After doing some employment sessions, and building his confidence back up, Darlington managed to get him part time work at an agency, which sadly let him down. Carlo then found part time work in Tesco and did well there, but he wanted full time work. So Darlington helped him apply to Ocado for a delivery job ... within a week Carlo  had applied for the job, was interviewed and was successful!  

Jack: 5 years ago, the Metropolitan Police considered Jack one of the most dangerous young men in Harrow. He was violent and heavily involved in gang culture. Within 5 years, Jack received 2 prison sentences and served a total of 4 years behind bars. Towards the end of his second sentence, Jack contacted Ignite to support him through the transition of his release. He received mentoring support before and after his release from prison, and was encouraged to make big lifestyle changes. Jack identified that to achieve long-term changes, he needed to find legitimate employment. Ignite workers supported him to find a job in a warehouse, as well as leave his gang and old lifestyle behind him!

Your Donations

If we reach our target by the end of November, we have donors who will  match fund giving us a total of £8,000.  So every donation, however big or small, really will make a huge difference to our work in Harrow and make sure that we can impact the lives of even more young people.

For more information about Ignite, the work we do, and our amazing team of youth workers; please see our website: www.ignitetrust.org.uk