Independents for Frome: 2015 Campaign

Raising funds to campaign for an Independent Frome Town Council in 2015.

New stretch target

Reaching our stretch target will enable us to stretch out our campaign and reach even more people. Both targets pay for leaflets, stakeboards and venue hire for meetings. Our stretch target will enable us to make a short video and really get the message out there.

At the end of the Campaign we'll donate remaining funds to Fair Frome.


IfF is a group of local people who care about our community and want to do the best for Frome. We came together in 2011 when Frome voted for an IfF-led town council.

Now we need your help to keep Frome Town Council Independent. By pledging to help the IfF campaign you'll help us compete with the established parties and their big campaigning budgets. We don't need much, just enough to cover our costs (printing leaflets, stakeboards etc..). Added to that we'll use our wits, humour and friends to get the message out there.

If you want to find out more about what we've achieved in the past 4 years please check out our website here

If you want to find out more about us you can meet the 2015 IfF candidates here

A dIfFerent kind of local politics - by the people of Frome for the people of Frome.