A project of inclusion for young people of London. Music and plastic arts helping to rediscover inner-peace, inner-joy and true fellowship.

Dear Sponsors,

Integral Development Through Art  ("IDT-ART")  is a CIC set to empower London young citizens by enhancing their abilities and talents.

This community interest company specialized in the NLP meta model principles, empowering anyone to excel in all areas by learning from their stronger ones, will be soon delivering classes of music as well as workshops of plastic arts,  in the boroughs of Brent and Lambeth.  The aim of this social coaching project is to create a very positive option for youngsters of those areas of London, so harassed by violence and addiction.  Also, to bring communities of different backgrounds into the same constructive activities will mean to help souls to acept others beyond any first impression or identification.

In terms of music, we endeavour to create a group of bass drummers that will be able to perform in events (public, private, charitable) in a next future.  Whereas in terms of arts, we aim to have learners' works being exhibited to evidence the transformation in their minds and lives.   In both cases, IDT-ART's aim and objective is to inspire all with our practical message of hope, happiness and superation. 

Our "drumming" department will follow the method of "Toca Rufar"- a very successful Portuguese drumming project created and lead by Rui Junior, from whom we will be learning.

To launch these two activities by buying enough drums for an orchestra of 30 and art material, along with the wage of 3 professionals and the budget to set "FIVE SENSES PARLOUR", our main funding activity, we need £35,000 to set it for the first three months.  We aim to collect more support along the way, mainly from those two councils (facilities) and some local entrepreneurs, until we are able to sponsor ourselves at the end of a complete year, according to our business plan.  In the meantime, with a good marketing action and excellent service, we plan to have gradually attracted a rising amount of interest on our holistic services, which will liberate sponsors for other projects in the future, hopefully.

The two directors of this project (music and art) will be using their uplifting skills to help all members to benefit from the positive thinking attitude towards life. The main director is a qualified DTLLS teacher (16+) and NLP expert with over 15 years of experience.  The art director is also a NLP expert along with her specialization in fine arts and working as an art consultant, specifically in paper conservation.

It is our intention to launch, soon, visual arts workshops, in Brent area, inspired by the theme of recycling, and with the drumming group creation, in the area of Lambeth (Brixton/Stockwell), as a start.




Note:  Once you have appreciated our goal, we are very happy to offer you a very attractive plan over our multiple services as a proof of our honest gratitude.