The UK's 1st combined proof of identity & contactless pre-paid card to use whilst on the go!

Unfortunately this project was not successful

IDGO (pronounced I’d go) is a *patent protected proof of identity and RFID contactless pre-paid card and includes a 5-year membership package which hosts an array of features developed to suit your lifestyle, designed by you!

IDGO is aimed at all UK public members aged 18 years and over and is priced at £49.99 inc delivery.. (That's less than a tenner a year!)

IDGO is not only for those who enjoy attending festivals, night clubs, cinemas or casinos but for the many daily activities that require you to prove your age and identity. With IDGO you can also make secure purchases and safely prove your identity whilst on the go!

IDGO can also be used worldwide as a valid proof of age and identity card as it will be accredited by PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) and therefore a recognised and verified document.

IDGO was picked up by the local newspapers!