Idea to Adorn - Bringing back the crafts

Idea to Adorn - Bringing back the crafts

To start a business that not only sells fabric and haberdashery but does encourages and brings back the art of sewing, knitting and crochet.

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Hi, I'm Cassy and Idea to Adorn is exactly what it says on the tin.  It's my business idea that's been five years in the making to not only sell fabric and haberdashery, but encourage the purchases to be used on site by offering basic, 101 classes that can be enjoyed by all or on the spot advice about projects (a service which isn't provided anywhere locally).  From learning how to set up and use a sewing a machine, measure up and create personal patterns right through to the finished product, I'd like to be able to offer all these services along with knitting and crocheting, fully bringing back wearable crafts. 

The shop area would include an area to stock fabrics and haberdashery that you'd be able to find on the back of any pattern envelope with another area set up with tables to either run small group classes or can be bookable at times when they are not in use.

The area I live in (Knottingley, Wakefield) is very isolated and disadvantaged  so for those who are willing to find the time and the materials to learn such skills are having to travel out of local areas to the surrounding cities and towns to find classes and courses.  Even dress fabric can be hard to locate and at a decent price.  So I'm looking to amalgamate all these stress worries into one place where people wouldn't have to second guess if they'd be able to make their dressmaking purchases or find a basic class to use them in.

With businesses like Burberry moving in locally and encouraging growth of independent designers, the opportunity to take on apprentices, social enterprise sessions and have the classes I offer accredited will give a sense of achievement to each student, regardless of the direction they are taking these sessions in (if they ever leave!).

Personally, I feel these skills should be foundation of our learning as the elements of Home Economics (in my opinion) has been stupidly been taken out of the majority of schools or not taught to a standard that gives each pupil the essential building blocks for entering the real world.  Sewing and ironing specifically are jobs that are currently being outsourced because of lack of skill and time.  Running a series of  sessions where the younger generation can proudly say "I can sew a button on!" is another direction I'd love to be able to take the business in.


Currently I run two knitting and crocheting classes which are doing well, and would like to start offering sewing classes but having a space with storage is not an easy find.

This is a five year long plan that has been tweaked while on the back burner due to my babies.  I've used the time to educate myself more on being self employed, building up my confidence, and trying not to be so shy about networking.  Now they're children, either in or getting ready to start school I can fully commit to focusing on starting this great business adventure and making it the success I know it will be.  I do have a Facebook and Website which you are more than welcome to visit and any feed back would be valuable.

Thank you in advance...