Taylor Wade..The next big name on the high street

Taylor Wade..The next big name on the high street

I am raising funds for the development of the website and to purchase stock to be sold via website also the purchase of advertising trailer


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Fashion. It’s a very personal thing - and Taylor Wade Clothing is something which is very personal to me, and close to my heart. Originally inspired by my son, now 9, Taylor Wade Clothing was conceived to be a clothing line for children but has grown, seemingly organically, to cater for a much wider age range.

So often ‘fashion’ is confused with ‘high fashion’ - designers intricately dress models for the catwalk, then stitch their labels into garments made in the Far East in the hope that people will buy them - for the name alone. At Taylor Wade Clothing we want people to wear our lines because they represent true fashion - clothes which are actually of the moment - clothes which people actually want to wear, as opposed to feeling obliged to wear.

It is, ultimately, our objective to become a High Street name - moreover, however, we want to be recognised - not stereotyped.

Originally, we launched a handful of designs - men’s, women’s and children’s t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts - these, sold through the usual channels, received hugely positive feedback and requests for expansion of the range.

We seek out the highest quality items, and have them screen printed, embroidered and finished by a local business - the support of Community Enterprise is something we hold in very high regard. The garments are then inspected, labelled and hand packaged ready for dispatch.

We are also looking to introduce a line of polo shirts - these will be of a very high specification, featuring a high definition woven logo and laser engraved buttons. Additionally, we have recently received samples of custom woven labels which we are looking to introduce into the range - again, from a local business.

Currently, Taylor Wade Clothing has some 15 designs in various fabrics, styles and colours - all waiting to go into production. We also have a number of lines waiting to launch as our fledgling children's footwear range - research suggests that this will receive the same incredibly positive support as our original market offerings.

The objective of this Crowdfunder page is to raise £10,000 - £5,000 of which will immediately be invested in stock - much of the remainder will go into the completion of a website with full E-Commerce functionality. A significant proportion of this development has taken place already, and our Web Designer informs us that completion of the site will take no longer than one further week.

Now to the First Year Plan…

Once our site is live, Press Releases will be issued - we already have a number of Journalists prepared to feature us and our Mission. Clearly, in this day and age, Social Media will represent a major part of our marketing strategy - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, to name just a few, will be used exhaustively - visual media is, possibly, the most important Marketing medium available to us today - never have we been in such a unique position to bring new ideas - new ways of thinking - to so many people. We hope to both excite existing customers, and pique the interest of potentially new customers alike.

In this digital age, it goes without saying that our website will be not only our main Marketing engine, but the primary portal for Customer interaction. It is because of this that we have invested swathes of time end effort in both the copy and precise Search Engine Optimisation - ranking highly in Search Engine results is, and always will be, one of our main priorities.

Our Childrenswear lines will be aggressively Marketed through established contacts in both Local and National Parenting magazines, Parenting websites, National newspapers and Women's magazines.

It is also our intention to send samples of all garments to respected Industry bloggers for full and frank review.

Continuing on the Marketing theme, we are currently in negotiations to secure purchase of a large advertising trailer to which full-size banners would be attached, both sides, displaying all of our current designs in a line sheet format as well as links to every aspect of our Social Media presence. Having researched, in depth, both the local and wider area, it is our intention to position this trailer in strategic locations for maximum exposure.

We at Taylor Wade Clothing understand the importance of Brand Awareness and this, along with securing a solid and loyal local following, will be one of our main areas of focus during our first year.

In our second year of trading, we intend to introduce to our range a number of lines specifically designed to engage the younger demographic - the individuals who fall between our Childrenswear and Adult fashion offerings - we already have a number of designs for hats and caps, rucksacks, satchels and the like. The lines will be exhibited at UK Trade Shows such as Moda and Pure London, with the objective of attracting the interest of Buyers for large Retail Organisations such as Topshop, Asos and Foot Asylum, in addition to the plethora of smaller, Independent Retailers and Investors also in attendance.

It is our one hope that you share our vision of inclusive, available and popular fashion - with offerings to suit a wide age range, and that you might just be prepared to join us on this journey which proves to be not only fascinating and exciting, but a resounding success.

Thank you for your support - the Taylor Wade Clothing team.