Community together

Community together

The project aim is to bring the community together to support a young man rich his Dream to become a professional Rugby player LYNX NOUMEY


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My name is Lynx.I am 15years old from Wolverhampton.i have been playing rugby since the age of 7years.It has been my dream to become a professional rugby player and through my hard work and dedication, I was awarded a scholarship to Ellesmere College.However, this scholarship does not cover my school fees.My mother has tried her hardest to raise this money but is proving difficult for her as she has to raise four more children aside me and one with a severe disability.I am the firstborn of my family.We then need to raise £10000 to cover my school fees each year for four years.I understand it is a substantial amount but without this, my dreams will be shattered.Rugby is my life. I hope to be a blessing to others once I become a professional rugby player i hope to help more people and to pay every penny that is being invested in my life.Any form of donations will be greatly appreciated along with any amount.