I See You - Live

Help bring the worryingly popular I See You page to life with a live show at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe.


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About I See You

I See You began life on Facebook in 2014 as the creative writing project of stand-up comedian Sam Gore (that's me.) I wanted to write an absurdist comedy horror story every week, releasing one every Monday and using celebrities and public figures as a starting point.

As I carried on writing, the page slowly mutated into a satirical one, drawing on the stories of the week and using comedy and horror to poke both fun and terrifying zombie-talons at the establishment. I See You now has over 42,000 likes on Facebook and has a created a great little community full of people who share my frankly bewildering sense of humour.

About The Project

I'm starting this crowdfunding project with the aim of bringing I See You to life with a full run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe. I’ve been a professional stand-up comedian for nearly a decade, with several Edinburgh Fringe runs and five comedy awards under my belt. I See You Live is by far the most ambitious Edinburgh show I’ve ever worked on. I want it to be an immersive, hilarious and theatrical experience for everyone who sees it with production values in place that do the fanbase justice.

I have loads of ideas for how this show might work and have budgeted this campaign to raise the minimum amount I need to make those ideas a success on the stage. If we hit this target, there’s also lots of space to expand the scope of the show with stretch funding. You can see a proper budgetary breakdown for the initial amount at the end of this page.

Although I appreciate that not everyone can make it up to the Edinburgh Festival, a successful Fringe run is the best way to lay the groundwork for a touring comedy show. If I can make this show a success, I’ll be looking at bringing it to as many I See You fans around the country as I can.

About The Rewards

I hope you’ll agree with my decision to keep costs down by limiting the number of available rewards that require taking up a percentage of the project’s budget. This way as much of the money raised as possible goes towards funding the show.

There are, however, some genuinely unique awards on offer depending on the amount you pledge. These include a signed and limited edition print of one of five original artworks inspired by I See You from 2000AD artist and illustrator Dave Kendall, including this unnervingly lifelike one of Jeremy Clarkson.

How Your Money Will Be Spent

This budget is based on taking the show to a 60 seater venue. I don’t want ticket costs to be a hindrance to anyone wanting to see the show and I intend to follow the Pay What You Want system. Under this approach audience members can either pay a nominal amount to reserve a seat, or simply donate what they can afford and feel the show was worth at the end of the performance.

Edinburgh Fringe expenses

  • Edinburgh venue hire: £2,800
  • Entry in Edinburgh Fringe Programme: £295.20
  • Photoshoot for posters/flyers: £200
  • Design of flyer and poster: £150
  • Costume and prop budget: £500
  • 15000 A5 flyers: £150
  • 150 A3 posters: £100
  • Street team hours (flyering): £800, £960 inc. VAT
  • B2 billboard placement: £480 (£576 inc. VAT)

TOTAL: £5,731.20

Project expenses:

  • 500 badges: £85 inc. 2nd class postage: £275
  • 100 mugs: £250 inc. P&P: £300
  • Printing and P&P of other rewards: £300
  • 5% crowdfunder.co.uk commission: £250

TOTAL: £1,460

These reward costings may seem a little excessive but they are based on the assumption that every pledge reward is claimed and shipped - it's highly unlikely this will be the case, so this higher figure is not included in the initial target for the project.

My Target

I have set the initial target for this crowdfunding project at £5,000, which is less than the minimum amount I need to raise to do the show justice. However I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't incredibly enthusiastic about the show! However much we manage to raise, I'll also be investing my own money in order to bring I See You Live to the Edinburgh Fringe. I just don't want to do the show a disservice by being unable to create the sort of production it deserves - the initial target represents the minimum amount I'll need to achieve through crowdfunding.

Stretch Funding

Although £5,000 seems like an awful lot of money, the cost of taking a show up to the Edinburgh Fringe for a full run is really as long as a piece of string. Should I achieve this initial target I'll be attempting to raise further funds, all of which will be directly invested in the show's success. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the extra costs that would go beyond the scope of the initial target:

  • Hiring a production company to produce the show: £2300 (£2760 inc. VAT)
  • PR team: £2000 (£2400 inc. VAT)
  • Quarter-page advert in the Edinburgh Fringe brochure: £1250
  • Street advertising on lampost wraps: £500 per side
  • Street advertising on 4-sided billboards: £600 per side

It would be incredible to be able to include these extras in order to promote and build the profile of the show. However, they aren't essential to the basic aim of putting on I See You Live in a  viable and entertaining way. This is why they fall into the stretch funding bracket.

A Word Of Thanks

Hopefully after all that, all that's left to say is a huge thankyou to anyone and everyone who chooses to support this project. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm incredibly excited at the idea of bringing my silly ideas to life - I can only hope that you share my excitement and that together we can make this project a success!